Marios Theologis

Marios is a photographer specializing in advertising photography, based in Greece. He has had the opportunity to stand behind the camera for many successful and awarded advertising campaigns around Europe. He has won several ERMIS awards in the National Advertising Festival, and EVGE awards. His work is published in globally acknowledged collections such as EPICA, ARCHIVE, and ADSOFTHEWORLD. His artistic interests mainly focus on nudes and portraits.Worshiping the visual arts, he started his career in advertising in 1988 as an illustrator and art director. However, the fascination of photography, the play of light and shadow, as well as a photorealistic approach prevailing in his designs soon made him turn to photography. In 1998 he started teaching at AKTO, a College for Arts and Design. He initially taught illustration and then focused on advertising photography.

“Since I created my own studio, I had the opportunity toexpand my activities both in advertising and in artistic photography. I am fortunate to have accomplished a large number of award-winning projects in Greece as well as abroad and to have gained the trust of many celebrities including top executives, artists and politicians.” MATH Studio now employs a powerful team of very creative and talented photographers and illustrators, delivering demanding projects with meticulous care for detail and impeccable results.